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What we can do for you

Handcrafted Items

All our items are handcrafted and locally sourced

Cultural Exchange


Learn more about different cultures in fun and playful ways

Tours for young and old to enjoy. Both adventurous or relaxed sightseeing

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Some of the many beautiful handcrafted products we have for sale

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Nomads of Tibet

Article: 001

A fun game to play for young and old.

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From ¥60

Hand painted lamps

Article: 002

Handpainted lamps by girls from an orphange

Necklace chains.jpg

From ¥75

Necklace Chains

Article: 003

Beautifully handcrafted necklace chains



2004 London > clear message in my heart to start  " Fusion".

2006 India woke up, saw clear picture  of what Fusion actually stood for:

2007 China (tibetan region of Qinghai) FUSION  registered to pursue all below.

Fashion : Research - Manufacture - Exports - Webstore

Understanding: People | Culture | Language Needs

Service: to Individuals | Travelers | Minorities/Vocational Training/ Businesses

International: Cultural Exchange | Art & Cusine |  Hotel/ Restaurant Set Up

Outings: Local sightseeing | Adventure tours | Visiting Friends| Festivals/ Events

Networking: Worldwide | China | Locally


Our heart is to train and empower specially young  T. women to become confident productive members of society. 

Tibetan Prayer Flags
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