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Beate Bhutia

Owner of Fusion





青海省 西宁市 城北区

Jia He Hua Yuen 8/4/201 , Chengbei, 810001 Xining

Qinghai , Peoples Republic of CHINA

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A Bit About Me

All my life I believed I was 1/2 polish and 1/2 a Spainish Gypsy. Thus I justified my urge to leave my home (Germany) at 16 to travel around the world, driven by the urge to find  a purpose to live  which I found in Israel in 1978 &  to  make a difference in this world.

I met my T. Husband in India in 1982. A year later we got married and have 3 wonderful adult children. (2xF,1xM)                                     Recently a DNA test revealed  I was not Spanish but Greek, Hungarian, Indian , Rumanian, Polish.

 I love interesting people, who are transparent and sincere in their way of life and conviction. I cannot stand boredom or rules that make no sense. I enjoy life even in the midst of severe suffering, disappointments , heartache and pain, cause my joy and peace  are not dependent on the outward circumstances of our temporal existence here on this fading planet. 

In 2004 London , "Tibet Fusion". was conceived,  In 2006 back in India, I woke up  and saw clearly what Fusion actually stood for:

Fashion : Research | Manufacture | Exports | > Webstore
Understanding: People | Culture | Language Needs 
Service: to Individuals | World Travelers | Minorities Businesses
International: Cultural Exchange | Food Art & Cuisine | Vocational Training | Hotel & Restaurant Management
Outings: Local sightseeing | Adventure tours | Visiting Local Homes | Festivals/ Events
Networking: Worldwide | China | Locally

In January 2007 I moved to  the Tibetan region, Qinghai and by August had FUSION properly registered and pursued different aspects of this multi-facetted Vision. 
We  empower people of less fortunate backgrounds, like Nomads and specially focus on the often under trodden, un-appreciated females, through vocational training skills, encouraging them to dream big, build self- confidence & enabling them to  become active members of their society.  

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